An ongoing list of my pattern designs. Many of my new patterns will start as shop one-offs. Keep an eye out for what I’m working on next!


‘Estela’ is Spanish for a ‘wake,’ a trail left in the water after a boat has passed.  That is where I got the inspiration for this cowl. Scroll lace and cables provide motion reminiscent of flowing water after it has been disturbed by a passing vessel. Slipped stitches provide texture like seafoam, or rocks along the beach.  The pattern has a fun flow to it, and after a few rounds, it will be smooth sailing as the knitter gets into the rhythm of the each section.


I designed this neckwarmer as a gift for my dad so I named it after him! I really wanted to make something using a combination of brioche and garter stitches for extra comfort and warmth. The squishy texture and strong lines make for fun yet elegant piece. I hope you enjoy this engaging and quick knit!

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